Un ex senzatetto ritrova il cane dopo 2 anni: gli era stato vicino nei momenti difficili [VIDEO]

Un ex senzatetto aveva affidato il suo cane a un amico nei momenti di difficoltà. Ma questo non aveva voluto restituirglielo. Dopo 2 anni cane e proprietario si incontrano di nuovo e il video è emozionante

Jose non credeva che avrebbe mai rivisto il suo cane, Chaos. E nemmeno Chaos credeva che sarebbe riuscito ancora a stare insieme a Jose. Erano passati 2 anni dal loro ultimo incontro, ma l’amore che provavano l’uno per l’altro era rimasto immutato. A farli tornare insieme è stato il Winnebago County Animal Services di Rockford, in Illinois, che sulla sua pagina Facebook ha pubblicato un emozionante video che testimonia la reunion.

Come si legge sul social, dopo il divorzio, Jose era rimasto senza casa e ha trascorso molte delle sue notti in auto. Poi, per un breve periodo, ha vissuto addirittura in strada. Con lui, per tutto quel tempo, c’era Chaos, amico insostituibile, ma Jose sapeva che quella non era la vita adatta a un cane energico come lui. Così, per non rinchiuderlo in un canile (sapendo anche cosa accade nella maggior parte dei canili americani), l’uomo aveva chiesto a un suo amico di tenerglielo, almeno finché non sarebbe riuscito a prendersene di nuovo cura.

E c’è da dire che Jose aveva anche cercato di mantenere il patto: dopo 3 mesi era tornato da Chaos, ma la persona che lo aveva preso in custodia non aveva più voluto restituirglielo. Il caso ha voluto, però, che di recente una volontaria del Winnebago County Animal Services trovasse Chaos che vagava nel vialetto di casa sua. Il cane aveva il microchip al quale corrispondeva un numero da chiamare per le emergenze, quello di Jose. La telefonata, ovviamente, ha lasciato l’uomo in lacrime e senza parole. Poi Jose è subito corso dal suo 4 zampe: e come si può vedere nel video pubblicato in fondo all’articolo la gioia è stata incontenibile per entrambi.

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You will want to read this story!!

Homeward Bound!!
“This is just a miracle!” These words came from the man who thought he would never see his dog again, until today!
Roughly 2 years ago Jose of Columbus, Wisconsin fell on hard times. He was going through a divorce, lost his house, became homeless and had no choice but to live in his vehicle. Jose got Chaos as a puppy and according to Jose, “Chaos helped me through so much in my life, I took him everywhere with me!” He is a very large dog with a lot of energy who had earned the name Chaos, so Jose knew that he needed to find a better temporary living situation for his furry best friend. A friend of a friend took Chaos and three months later Jose was back on his feet. Sadly, the friend refused to give the dog back, leaving Jose heartbroken. “I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again,” said Jose.
Oddly enough, this past Wednesday, a Winnebago County Services staff member was at home in South Beloit and found a dog in her driveway. An Animal Services Officer came out and brought the dog back to the shelter. The dog was wearing a collar with a 2014 National Identification Number.
On Thursday, April 28, Jose was going through his emails and he had received a microchip renewal notice. It was time to update his microchip information for Chaos. Jose became upset and disheartened. He began to reminisce on his lost friend wondering what happened to him. He began to scroll through old photos of Chaos. Suddenly, the phone rang!
Thursday afternoon, a shelter staff member called the phone number that was associated with the ID number. Thankfully, Jose had the same contact information. The staff member informed Jose that his dog is at Winnebago County Animal Services. Jose excitedly said, “Choas?!" and he began to cry! “I was speechless and I couldn’t stop smiling. I just couldn’t believe it."
Jose came to pick up Chaos at the shelter this morning! We took a minute to sit down with him to ask him a few questions about how he was feeling and the background story behind Chaos. “I couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough," said Jose. "I couldn’t wait for it to open so I could see Chaos! I left at 8 am today and had an hour and a half drive, so I was very anxious!”
When we asked Jose about the importance of microchipping he said, “I did debate getting the microchip for Chaos because at that time, it was all about affordability. I was living paycheck to paycheck and was worried about food and shelter. But I just had this feeling that it was the best thing to do, and it turned out to be the best thing I ever did! Honestly, without that chip, I know in my heart, that I would’ve never seen him again.”
We recorded the reunion of Jose and Chaos and it is a total tear jerker! Chaos was very scared, nervous, and timid at first…. Watch the video below to see Chao’s reaction!
After Jose was reunited with Chaos he states, “I couldn’t be any happier, I feel amazing!”
Jose did get another dog in the past two years. Therefore, he was a little nervous about how they would get along. We were so happy when Jose called the shelter later this afternoon to check in. He said that his two dogs were getting along great! “As soon as they met, they started playing and running around acting like they have been together since they were puppies!!”
He also mentioned that the drive home was very eventful and heartfelt. Once Chaos finally settled down in the car after trying to get into Jose’s lap while driving, Chaos just put his head on Jose’s shoulder the entire hour and a half ride home. Jose gave Chaos a bath and cleaned his teeth once playtime was over. Jose also decided to surprise his children and that was exactly the reaction once they saw Chaos for the first time in years once they got home from school!
“I haven’t been happier! This has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders and has made my entire week! Thank you so much to all of your staff for all you do. I will always appreciate you!”
Jose’s advice to any animal owners out there, “Pay the microchip fee! That fee versus never seeing your dog again is totally worth it!”

Please do not underestimate the power and importance of microchipping your pets. Jose was so nice and humble and we couldn’t be happier for him and Chaos. Thank you for microchipping and coming to pick up your long lost furry friend! He had been looking for you all along! =)
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